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Getting members to join your program is easy - but only if you know how and where to advertise.  With this highly effective advertising service, I'll be personally advertising for ALL of you.  Everyone will get a flood of traffic, sales, and even sign ups if you get in to the ad-cop before all slots have been filled.  My first round of 1 million visitors will be programmed to the ad-cop very soon. & first come, first programmed, first shown!

I'm not going to beat around the bush or write a long-winded sales page... what you see.. is simply what  you'll get. I'm very confident that you will see the true value in joining without all that extra hype and jargon...

So here's what you're going to get ...

For those of you wondering what an Advertising Co-op's the skinny..

  • You pay a small fee to be a part of the lifetime co-op.
  • Your chosen url will be placed into the advertising rotation and will remain in constant rotation in 90 day increments!! Since this is a lifetime package, every 90 days you can submit a new url for rotation.. for another 90 days!
  • Your chosen url will be rotated among everyone in the program.
  • I will use my 15+ years of marketing experience to advertise the ad co-op to 5 million web sites using various strategies and techniques.
  • I will also send guaranteed traffic & sign ups to the co-op.
  • Ads professionally written by our in house copyrighters!
  • I will send guaranteed sign ups to the co-op.

You will receive the benefits of my marketing efforts which include but are not limited to:
  1. New! Blog Posts to our network of 20,000 followers.
  2. Random Solo Ezine ads to 20,000+ opt in readers.
  3. Random Targeted Client Announcements to 5,000+ readers.
  4. Random Classified Ezine Ads to 20,000 opt in readers.
  5. Daily ad blasts to 5 million websites.
  6. RSS Solo announcements hooked with Twitter , Indexed by Google & permanent placement!
  7. Banner ads on site.
  8. FFA ads
  9. Guaranteed Signups
  10. Guaranteed Traffic
  11. SEO Search Engine Submission to over 600 Search Engines for 3 months.
  12. and so many more other strategies and techniques which are too broad too mention here (Remember, I'm trying to keep it short and simple)
  13. Remember, you won't have to lift a finger.. submit your web site url to us and we will create professional ads on your behalf...just set it..and forget it!

    What makes this package so special?

    BIG Discounts -Imagine being able to send an ad out for each program you join without paying separate fees for each rotation!
    Widespread Exposure to the people you need to network with.
    Statistics show that it takes atleast 5-7 runs for a reader to feel comfortable enough to buy your product.
    Once in a lifetime deal! Not very many agencies offer lifetime packages!

    This package has been designed for extended life!

    You will receive a lifetime supply of Co-op submissions for the life of and You'll also receive a PERMANENT HTML AD in this month's viral software package! You can't extend the life of your advertising budget any further then that!

 Quick Facts...

  • There's almost 20,000 clients & subscribers and only 30 slots to fill.  So the earlier you get in , the better off you'll be.
  • You will not have to lift a finger in order to use this package!  We will fully create and promote your web site ads for you ... all you have to do is submit your web sitel url to us.
  • New extended life! Your chosen offers will be listed and remain in rotation FOR LIFE!

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